Mappa Dintorni

South Eastern Sicily

With an area of ​​1,614 square kilometers and a population of nearly 300,000 inhabitants , the province of Ragusa in Sicily and less extensive . It occupies the area of ​​Sicily south - east of the island and largely directed towards the channel of Malta.
Its territory is mainly hilly one aspect : the mountainous and very sweet and always with heights less than 1000 meters ( the Hyblaean with 986 meters of Monte Lauro is the
highest peak ) , the fertile plains sloping gently down to the low coasts , sandy and uniform , consisting of alluvial soil .

There are many dry stone walls , articulated on the ground I love the web, delimit fields and pastures. The flora , with some differences related altimeter , and a predominantly Mediterranean : oaks , plane trees, olive trees and carob trees are complemented by oleanders , fig, acanthus and reeds.
The ibleo , usually barren , buy in the spring with the colorful scenery of the wild beauty and severe. Very characteristic are the so-called "cave" or " canyon", deep ravines and small streams have carved into the limestone of which the plank and predominantly formed.
Sicily is the island of the sun : it is a land rich with 3,000 years of history and art , stories and mythology of human warmth, contrasting colors and a beautiful nature. A country where the black lava of the land merges with the white of the salt marshes . A holiday where you combine history and the sea , culture, fun and entertainment , relaxation and good food . Guests can explore the remains of Roman and Greek Taormina and Agrigento , the magical atmosphere of Acitrezza, Erice and Selinunte or the beauty of Syracuse or the royal palace of the kings Normamni in Palermo , the charm of the typical salt and marinas with boats fishing . You can follow the routes of food and wine to fully enjoy the flavors of this earth. You can find a blue sea, clear and intense surrounded by unspoilt nature .

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