Ragusa is an Italian town of 69 812 inhabitants [1] , the capital of the province of Sicily.

It is the seventh [4] common in the region by population , and the third [5 ] to the surface. The town hall is located at 502 m s.l.m. [6]

The city is the most prosperous of the South of Italy, [7] it is called the " city of bridges " for the presence of three structures that are very picturesque , but it was also defined by writers , artists and economists as the "Island in the ' island ' or ' the other Sicily " , [8] due to its history and to a socio-economic context very different from the rest of the island. In 1693, a devastating earthquake caused the almost total destruction of the entire city , killing more than five thousand victims. The reconstruction , which took place in the eighteenth century , and divided into two main areas : on the one hand Ragusa, located on the plateau , on the other Ragusa , built from the ruins of the ancient city and rebuilt according to the ancient medieval .

The architectural masterpieces built after the earthquake , along with all those in the Val di Noto, have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2002 . Dubrovnik is one of the most important ever for the presence of valuable evidence of Baroque art. [9 ]

source: wikipedia

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