Marzamemi is a maritime village, part of which is the town of Pachino, which is about 3 km and a second part of the town of Noto which is 20 km away. It is located in the province of Syracuse.

The village has developed around the landing, which later became fishing port, and has developed thanks to the latter activity, widely practiced even today, even endowing a tuna, among the most important in Sicily. The tuna Marzamemi dates back to the time of the domination of the Arabs in Sicily. In 1630 it was sold by the owner to the Prince of Villadorata. The Villadorata potenziarono the buildings of tuna by bringing Avola and Siracusa of skilled carpenters, who were then living in Marzamemi.

In 1752 they built the palace and the church of the trap, and the houses of sailors.

In 1912 a factory was built in Marzamemi processing salted tuna and tuna in oil as a result. Fishing for tuna was plentiful until the postwar period.

fonte: wikipedia

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