Scicli ( Scichili in Sicilian) is an Italian town of 25,868 inhabitants [2] of the province of Ragusa in Sicily.

Monumental baroque city forms a sublime nativity scene in 2002 its historic center has been awarded the title of World Heritage by UNESCO , along with Val di Noto.

Scicli is 24 kilometers from Ragusa. Its territory stretches from the sea to the southern foothills of the plateau ibleo . The landscapes are very varied : it goes from the coast ( alternating between the low and sandy with small limestone cliffs ) blanket from the Mediterranean to the gentle slopes of alluvial hinterland with olive, almond and carob trees until you get to the limestone hills of the northern and inside which stands the capital . The district is crossed by several rivers which have torrential and almost all seasonal except for the Irminio , the other main streams intercept the center of Scicli and Modica are the Mothucanus or stream - Scicli, the stream S . Maria La Nova and S. Bartholomew. In each of these millennia has carved out deep gorges in the plateau that today characterize the landscape. The modern town lies in the valley in which these three canyons converge .

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